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High capacity, efficiency and technology driven

A look at our facilities

Bringing the future of composite applications to today's market.


Innovation and Excellence in

our state of the art facilities

Our Headquarters is a 30,000 sq. ft. facility devoted exclusively to composite manufacturing located in Huntington Beach, CA. This technologically advanced facility was built with a focus on the superior development of composite products. Filament winding, resin formulation, laminate lay-up and composite machining are a few of the processes that ACPT has been recognized for within the industry.

Huntington Beach, CA ACPT Facility

To compliment our technology center in California, ACPT created a 45,000 sq. ft. center of excellence in our Schofield, Wisconsin facility. Specifically designed for high volume requirements, it has been described as one of the most innovative filament winding facilities in the country. 

Combined our facilities support the development and manufacturing of highly technical composite hardware for some of the world's most demanding applications, including a variety of military and aerospace applications along with countless commercial projects. So whatever your advanced composite product needs may be, from some friendly advice to full production development don't hesitate to contact the composite experts here at ACPT, Inc.

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our facility includes the following areas

To provide the most efficient service:


Higher Quality  Products that

Meet & Exceed Expectations

  • Quality Control

  • Filament Winding

  • Clean Room for Lay-up and Bonding

  • Oven, Autoclave and Press Curing

  • Machine Shop, fully equipped for composites

  • Engineering, Drafting and Design/Analysis

  • Materials Storage

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • Finishing Area including a Paint Booth

3. Bonding
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