ACPT, Inc. has proven themselves superior in composite manufacturing with their technical expertise and unmatched experience in a variety of advanced composite applications. ACPT customers demand solutions to some of the most difficult and demanding real world problems. Our vast knowledge in composite manufacturing allows us to offer innovative and cost effective solutions quickly and accurately.  Some applications ACPT leads the industry in manufacturing and design are:

Aviation & Space

  • Satellite Battery Containers
  • Satellite Antenna Components 
  • Numerous Space Shuttle Parts
  • Filament Wound "Nose Cone"
  • Reinforcing Rings
  • Thin Walled Tubing for Air and Spacecraft 
  • Space and Launch Vehicle Structural Components 
  • Aircraft Ducting, Components, and Drive Shafts 
  • Honeycomb Structures 
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Overwrap
  • Platform Assemblies


  • Launch Tubes
  • Composite Tank Tracks
  • Integrally EMF Shielded Components
  • Optical Mounting Assemblies
  • Ordnance Components 
  • Vehicle Parts (Space, Air, Land and Marine)
  • Radar components
  • Composite grab hooks


  • Cryogenic Tubing and Tanks
  • Omni Polarizers and other Radar Components 
  • Radomes (Submarine, Shipboard, and Land based) 
  • Magnet Cores and Coilforms 
  • Directional Heat Shields 
  • Computer and Peripheral Components


  • Lightweight Industrial Rolls
  • Undersea Geophysical
  • Down well Tubing, Drill Pipe and Sucker Rods
  • High Speed Rotors 
  • Pressure Vessels 
  • Ultracentrifuge Bodies
  • Automotive and Industrial Drive shafts 
  • Electric Vehicle Components and Structural Design
  • Medical Accessories