Nexus Composite Disc Couplings

Ultra-High Performance in the Harshest Environments, Engineered for Maximum Endurance and Fatigue Life

ACPT’S knowledge and experience in producing unique composite systems for power transmission is borne from a long history of developing successful applications and specialized products for Aviation, Space, Defense, Marine, Performance Racing and industrial environments.

The Nexus Composite Disc Coupling is an extension of this experience and represents an engineering first in the development of a performance-optimized composite coupling that offers distinct advantages over any other competitive product on the market today. Nexus Couplings are designed to provide optimal performance in areas where moisture, dust, dirt and corrosive conditions exist. This light weight, high- strength assembly provides proven reliability, lower maintenance and extraordinary fatigue life and endurance.

When your application demands the most durable and efficient composite disc coupling available-nothing compares to Nexus Composite Disc Couplings.

  • Advantages & Benefits

Nexus composite couplings are a highly engineered, non-lubricated, advanced composite, disc-type coupling. The spacer shaft and flanges are made from composite materials that ensure strength and endurance while delivering light weight, corrosion resistance and ultra-violet light protection. The disc-type flexible elements are made from a combination of stainless steel bushings, advanced composite disc-links and urethane encapsulation to provide a unitized assembly with a theoretical infinite fatigue life. The flexible elements are rates for 1 degree misalignment and carry a four times peak overload rating when applied at 2.0 service factor. The hubs and hardware are made from stainless steel for added corrosion protection in aggressive environments.

Unitized Composite Flexible Element

The flexible element features high-strength composite materials and high-grade stainless steel bushings. Our proprietary disc design and urethane encapsulation provide an easy to install unitized coupling assembly.

  • No fumbling with shim and washers
  • No Fretting corrosion (common in metal or membrane couplings)
  • No parts rubbing together during operation

Unmatched Strength and Endurance

Nexus Couplings incorporate larger diameter stainless steel bolts that offer greater strength, fatigue life, and corrosion protection, providing a Peak Torque rating of at least four times full load operating torque of electric motor driver when selected with a 2.0 service factor rating.

Extended Single Spans

Eliminate the need for intermediate bearing supports and the resulting maintenance cost. The high strength plus light weight of a Nexus Disc composite coupling provides a critical speed mush higher than its steel counterpart and can typically span about twice the distance of a steel coupling.

Lower Rotating Weight

Decrease vibrations and bearing loads on coupled equipment resulting in extended life and further reduction in maintenance costs. Installation is made easier and quicker by eliminating the need for a crane with safer installations and handling.

Corrosion Protection

Nexus couplings are produced from advanced composite materials that provide essential fatigue and corrosion resistant properties. Further, where used, metal components are constructed from high grade stainless steel.

Longer Bearing Life

The light weight Nexus coupling reduces its over-hung load on connected equipment bearings by as much as 80% when compared to steel couplings. This reduction can double bearing life in motors and gear boxes and provide a smoother operation.

Nothing works harder than Nexus.