Aviation, Space & Defense

For almost 4 decades ACPT has been recognized as a global leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced composite applications for Aviation, Space, and Defense applications. These types of applications demand our commitment to excellence. This commitment allows us to deliver products that are not only innovative and reliable but also offer high end solutions across a wide array of specialized services and capabilities. Cutting-edge products that survive in the most extreme abusive and corrosive environments are only some of the products that are a result of this commitment.

Our detailed and in depth understanding of Aviation, Space, and Defense has proven that light weight and durable products that perform at the highest level always lead as the dominant or preferred choice.

A partial list of applications produced for various Aviation, Space, and Defense applications include:

Aviation & Space Applications

  • Satellite Components
  • Thin Walled Tubing for Aircraft and Satellites
  • Launch Vehicle Components
  • Honeycomb Structures
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Overwraps
  • Over-wound Pressure Vessels
  • Precision Ducting


Defense Applications

  • Launch Tubes
  • Composite Tank Tracks
  • Optical Mounting Assemblies
  • Ordnance Components
  • Vehicle Components (Space, Air, Land, & Marine)
  • Integrally EMF Shielded Components
  • Hydraulic Actuators and Reservoirs