On behalf of United Launch Alliance, we would like to recognize and thank you for your valuable assistance on development of the T-0 Chute tooling and fabrication and delivery of six (6) flight units. Contract 4500003219, awarded Oct 2009, was performed exceptionally well - completion and acceptance of all new tooling in Mar 2010; delivery and acceptance of first unit in July 2010; and delivery and acceptance of sixth unit in Oct 2010.

The project team you assembled, including Edgar Rodriguez, Lee Troung, and your entire team - Production, Engineering, Quality, and Procurement personnel, in addition to your subcontractor, functioned seamlessly in performing this complex project. We could not have been more satisfied with your overall performance.

This was a difficult project previously performed by one of our heritage companies, Lockheed Martin. ACPT overcame significant hurdles in design, development, and ultimately delivery of all requested production units, including acceptance of first article through last delivery with no defects. We are pleased to provide the accompanying ULA START Award and inform you that the first of your flight units was successfully installed on the Atlas V 501 rocket which launched OTV 2 March 5th of this year. Thank you very much for your stellar performance.

- Mike Dew, Greg Arend, Jason Plumley & Kevin Flanagan
(United Launch Alliance)

This month Astro Aerospace will mechanically demonstrate the deployment of the graphite tubes that ACPT manufactured for Astro. It's an exciting occasion for us, and we're not so quietly strutting a bit about the progress we've made so far.

Yet we're fully aware that our accomplishments are not simply attributable to "genius" engineering design or hard-working employees. This product was developed only because we found some great friends like you who gave us important insight and loyal support along the way. Your company clearly expended extra effort, going above and beyond on more than one occasion.

So this is a thank you note - for all the effort ACPT, its employees, and subcontractors put into developing and manufacturing our product, for putting up with occasional errors due to "development pains," and just for helping to keep Astro on the right track.

We want to acknowledge your contribution to the success of this program and to say thank you very much!

- Richard A. Nelson, General Manager
(Astro Aerospace, Northrop Grumman Space Technology)

Wanted to let you know I installed the WRX carbon fiber driveshaft on Sunday. Fit Perfectly, dimensions right on. Clearance is a little tight on a couple spots but the shaft really shouldn't move much unless I am going off roading (which I'm not). By the way if anybody asks the shaft is very easy to replace on the WRX.

The shaft gives a feeling of more snappy responsiveness, the old shaft has some wear and the fact that the original shaft is a 2 piece with a coupler in the middle should lose some energy meant for the tires. The carbon fiber shaft may have also taken care of a vibration due to a light weight clutch installed years ago. These cars are prone to this when changed. The vibration would occur at around 3500 PRM through 3000RPM in gear and coming to a stop. I haven't done much testing yet but it appears this is now gone. Lastly and I need to check this out on a long drive but it appears that looking at the vacuum gauge on the dash there is more vacuum while cruising. This means it is taking less energy to move the car due to the energy being more efficiently utilized.

It will take a couple months to truly see if my assumptions are correct. One thing that really stands out though is the fantastic service and interest you had for my driveshaft and how your staff shattered the reasonable time frame you gave yourselves to make said shaft.

- Pete Sanchez (Satisfied Customer)

Every once in a while I make a really great upgrade to one of my vehicles. The driveshaft you built for me falls into that exact category.

Given the limitations of the chassis, (68 Mustang with a C6 automatic and Gear Vendors O/D unit), I had gone about as far as I could in alleviating NVH in the driveline. I couldn't get the last little bit though. The ACPT driveshaft did exactly what I had hoped- it removed the last remaining annoying harmonics

Thank you very much for the excellent service and outstanding product.

- Lawrence Devereux (Region 7 District Manager)

UPS delivered my ACPT carbon fiber shaft and I installed on my 94Z28 6M car last night. First off, I have to say just picking the thing up put me in disbelief. It's hard to imagine a driveshaft that is so light!

Previously, my car had a nasty vibration with a straightened and balanced steel shaft (3.73 gears in the rear now) starting around 75 mph and continuing to 95, then smoothing out, then continuing on and off through WARP 1, WARP 2, etc.

To the test drive: I noticed the difference with the carbon fiber shaft immediately, say from 20 mph up. SMOOOOTH. Wow. Reminds me of my neighbor's Lexus! I had no idea how much NVH was transmitted through that steel shaft. It was a VERY noticable difference; heck even my fiancee (who couldn't tell I put Eibach springs on my car ;-)) was the first one in the car to say "why isn't the car vibrating like it use to" (she doesn't know about the carbon fiber shaft expenditure - I told here we were just going for a ride :-))

Well, I accelerated up into the old "come apart at the seams vibration zone" and guess what? COMPLETE elimination of the vibration. I continued to WARP 1, WARP 2 (screams were coming from the passenger seat at this point) as STILL no vibration.

Objectively, I can say this has been the best money I've spent on the car (next to NOS of course :-)). It's much smoother AND seat of the pants faster. Next week will be the dyno test. If I don't see ONE extra horsepower out of this thing, I WILL NOT CARE - the money spent was well worth elimination of that DA%# vibration I've been dealing with (even when I tried the aluminum ILE shaft).

I am not affiliated, blah blah blah ... with ACPT in any way, and I PAID, with my own hard earned money, for the carbon fiber shaft. This shaft just plain WORKS!! Thank you James Leslie at ACPT for a SUPERIOR aftermarket product.

- Tom Taucher (Feb 11, 1998)

Installing a carbon fiber driveshaft in my World Challenge Road Race Camaro was the best decision I have made in a long time. The first time at the track something seemed odd about the car. After about two laps, I figured out that there was a smoothness in the driveline that I was never able to achieve with the aluminum shafts I had before. Which, by the way, had to be replaced at least once a year depending on how rough the tracks are. Thanks for the service and the great fit.

- Myron Cottrell (President, Tuned Port Induction Specialties, Inc.)

Dear Mr. Leslie:

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your organization for the extraordinary effort put forth in the cork and painting of our newly designed Booster Boot Adapter Assembly. This has been a very challenging and dynamic activity of critical importance to the future success of the Atlas Program. Through your outstanding contribution to this effort initial milestones were completed, delivery made and future deliveries committed have met or bettered initial requirements. The cooperation and team work exemplified in this effort is commendable and a testament to your success. Your continued support of our Atlas Program is truly appreciated. Ken Frazier Technical Buyer

- General Dynamics Space Systems Division (August 9, 1993)

Rockwell International Corporation

Dear Mr. Leslie:

I wish to commend ACPT for outstanding performance in support of the Kinetic Energy Anti-Satellite (ACPT) program. Your excellent fabrication effort on the ASAT Kinetic Kill vehicle primary structure significantly contributed to the highly successful ASAT Prototype KKV systems integration test, 11 September 1994. This strap-down hot-fire test demonstrated a fully integrated KKV operating as if in actual mission flight. The ASAT team made up Rockwell Divisions, subcontractors and vendors is an excellent example of a multi-company product development team. The superb effort of the team truly resulted in a stunning success of the ASAT Prototype Hot Fire test. The strap-down test was an important event that provided impetus the U.S. Army to obtain and maintain support for the potential production program. Your personnel successfully accomplished their tasks of fabricating the ASAT primary structure in an environment of compressed time and limited dollars. They are to be commended. The structures met all the requirements. I have enclosed a picture of the hot fire test. You may have noticed the favorable write-up in the September 26 edition of Aviation Week. It is our hope and expectation that the U.S. Army will continue to fund the ASAT program and we can continue with this most successful program.

- Thomas A. Massmann, Vice president Propulsion Systems

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory - Technical Support / Engineering

Dear Mike:

This letter is confirmation of the degree to which the composite tubes provided by ACPT satisfied the requirements of the 40mm SSC dipole suspension system design. Each of the tubes provided by ACPT was subjected to rigorous incoming physical inspection and were without question superior to products received from any other composites vendor for this project. In addition, mechanical tests on completed support structures indicated that these tubes met or surpassed our structural performance criteria. Finally, thermal tests on one completed assembly indicated that the thermal conductivity of the tube material also met out thermal performance requirments. In short, we have been very happy with products received from ACPT and the helpful way in which you respond to our questions about what is and is not possible from a composites engineering sense. I look forward to our continued interaction as the SSC program continues.

- Thomas H. Nicol Fermilab
Technical Support / Engineering

U.S. Department of Commerence - National Bureau of Standard

Dear Jim:

Congratulations on an outstanding piece of work. How much will five or ten more like it cost? We were surprised by the way atmospheric pressure holds the two cones together. Obviously we must provide a small clearance between the two cones, increasing toward the large end. It would be a good if there were some clever way of doing this in the manufacturing process. Perhaps the inner cone could be pressurized enough to increase its diameter by 2 or 3 mils at the large end while the outer cone is being wound on it. This would provide an almost ideal clearance profile. For a few days I am unfortunately occupied with another project, but hope and crave to get on with putting the refrigerator together soon.

- James E. Zimmerman
Cryoelectronic Metrology Group-724.03
Electromagnetic Technology Division

Rockwell International

Dear Jim:

This letter is a thank you and a commendation to you and your crew for performance in the manufacture of the Thermal Battery Duct Assembly. You company is to be commended for your unequal support in accomplishing a six week job in 2 weeks. We at Rockwell wish to thank you and hope that we can continue our outstanding relationship.

Satellite Systems Division
F.D. Pratt Senior Buyer Hardware Group

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Dear Jim:

On behalf of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, we want to express our sincere appreciation for you extraordinary efforts in producing the anchor tie bars. By shipping an excellent quality product, on time, we were able to prove out design and assembly techniques, thus meeting a very ambitious schedule. We welcome you involvement in other specialty components, whether for SSC designs, or our own accelerator programs at Fermi.

Thank you and your people for a job well done.

- Gregory R. Kobliska
Material Control Manager

Recognition of ACPT for Outstanding Performance

The puropse of this memo is to acknowledge exceptional support by ACPT of Huntington Beach, CA. for project 2676 Helium Dewar.

ACPT built tooling and subsequent piece parts for the fabrication of the above referenced system. Input from the vendor in regard to functional design and manufacturability were integral to the success of this program. The vendor responded the contract in support of BASG program. I would especially recoginize Richard Powers and Monika Tomosak for their aggressive support of this difficult project.