For over 34 years...

Advanced Composite Products & Technology, Inc. (ACPT) has been recognized as the industry Leader and Innovator from development to manufacturing of advanced composite applications for research, commercial, government, and private institutions. ACPT has built its reputation on a foundation of unmatched expertise in advanced composite engineering, knowledge, and experience in the productions of successful applications specialized for Aviation, Space, Defense, Marine, Performance Racing, Industrial machinery, and oilfield environments.
ACPT was formed in 1977 by Dr. James C. Leslie, and his son, James C. Leslie II. ACPT was started specifically to build filament wound graphite tubing for down well applications. Work quickly branched out into the high performance requirements of the aerospace industry. Although, nearly all composite fabrication techniques are employed, and many different structures have been built, tubular products have continued to be the area in which ACPT excels. Commercial product lines were developed for power transmission shafts, (Aerospace, Automotive, Trucks, and Industrial), along with printing and converting rollers and idlers. Pipe, tube, and pressure vessels have continued to be a major facet of the overall product line.
With the use of materials including graphite, glass, aramid and other reinforcing fibers together with epoxies, polyesters, thermoset matrices and various thermoplastics. ACPT has designed, analyzed and fabricated many complex shapes and products working from room temperature to cryogenic to critical elevated temperatures for diverse applications.
The company houses some 30,000 sq. ft. devoted exclusively to composite manufacturing with a focus on filament winding, resin formulation, laminate lay-up, composite machining, finishing and clean room preparation of finished goods. Regardless if it's sea, land, air, or space, ACPT products have proven themselves superior time and again.
The staff at ACPT are experts in composites and related technologies. Their backgrounds and knowledge cover all areas of composite manufacturing from design and analysis through production, quality control, and marketing. Whatever your advanced composite needs may be, from a little assistance to full production of specific hardware, you can be confident that ACPT knows composites like no one else and we can help.